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  • Panel Discussion on Social Business Academia-2013
  • Ground Breaking Ceremony of Permanent Campus
  • Class Room
  • Lab of Pharmacy Department
  • Library
  • Student of EETE in the Power Plant
  • Programming Contest of CSE Department
  • Professor Dr. Yunus on the occasion of Social Business Accademia-2013
  • Lecture of Foreign Guest
  • Students are in Round Table Discussion
  • Anniversary Function
  • Seminar of Pharmacy Department
  • Inter University Cricket Tournament
  • Convocation
  • Programming Contest of CSE Department
  • Winner of Inter University Debate Competition
  • Permanent Campus(4D) @Satarkul, Badda, Dhaka
  • Permanent Campus(4D) @Satarkul, Badda, Dhaka
  • Permanent Campus(4D) @Satarkul, Badda, Dhaka
  • Permanent Campus(4D) @Satarkul, Badda, Dhaka
  • Permanent Campus(4D) @Satarkul, Badda, Dhaka

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Dhaka International University

Dhaka International University, rated among the top private universities of Bangladesh, is an institution that promotes eastern culture and values, and meaningfully blends eastern and western thought and innovation. As an institution of higher learning that promotes and inculcates ethical standards, values and norms, Dhaka International University (DIU) is committed to the ideals of equal opportunity, transparency, and non-discrimination. The primary mission of DIU is to provide, at a reasonable cost, tertiary education characterized by academic excellence in a range of subjects that are particularly relevant to current and anticipated societal needs. Central to the university’s mission is its intention to provide students with opportunities, resources and expertise to achieve academic, personal and career goals within a stimulating and supportive environment. DIU is striving not only to maintain high quality in both instruction and research, it is also rendering community service through dissemination of information, organization of training programs and other activities. Sensitive to the needs of its students and staff, DIU is committed to providing a humane, responsive and invigorating atmosphere for productive learning and innovative thinking.


Presently, the University enrolls more than 6,000 students on merit basis in the first year Honours Programme in different Departments. Besides a 4-year Bachelor and 1-year Masters Programme, the University also undertakes a large number of training Programmes and short term courses including diplomas in different disciplines. Dhaka International University is dedicated to the advancement of learning, and is committed to promoting research in all fields of knowledge. The course curricula are updated and new research projects are undertaken every year. As the pioneer and the largest seat of learning in the country, DIU has taken the task to foster the transformation of individual students and the country as a whole through the educational and research facilities keeping up with demand of the day. Dhaka International University is known far and wide as one of the leading Institutions of higher education in Bangladesh.


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